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Rabies Clinic

Each year in April, on two separate saturdays, Dr. Fall participates in a Rabies Clinic benefiting the Bourne Lions Club.


This year's Rabies Clinic dates are as follows:

Our 2022 Rabies clinic this last April was a great success! We look forward to next April!  Dates will be posted at the beginning of next year.





All rabies vaccinations are valid for 1 year, unless you have shown proof of a previous valid rabies vaccination.  The appropriate due date is noted on your new certificate(s).

PLEASE KEEP YOUR CERTIFICATE!  Your pets rabies tag is not sufficient proof of their current vaccine.

For our Clients:

We do NOT automatically transfer records of this shot to your account at our clinic.

You will need to call to personally notify us, or bring the certificate to us to update your account.